You are about to enter a different kind of news portal. The focus of the JRC News Media news agency is to really investigate our Justice Reform Coalition's cases, and work along with the JRC to really put a public spotlight on the crimes being committed by government agencies and officials under the color of law, as well as others who violate the rights and well being of the people affected in these cases. The part each indivdual involved in the case plays, will be thoroughly and factually examined and exposed, along with the documents used to show that involvement.


We decided we needed to start putting out the information we get to the public regularly, and let people know what we are doing. We needed a way to do it interactively. A way that people can interact with our coalition, our advocates, and our news group. So, we are starting our own facebook-like social media platform called "Momma Justice", as one of the first outputs of the new JRC NEWS MEDIA GROUP. All but one of our Facebook sites will be scaled down to be just a portal to our new community platform. In it you will find the writings, thoughts, and opinions of the activists and advocates of the JRC and our collaborators. You will also find action updates on current and future projects, activities, and cases of the JRC, as well as our research on various issues we advocate for. This will be the main place for the community to interact and make contact with us. Check it out!! COMING SOON!!! To access the site you have to be invited, or click on this link, fill in the form and submit it. You'll be sent an invite within 48hrs.


main jailThe Justice Reform Coalition (JRC), started in 2005 because of the deaths, abuses, and conditions at the Sac Main Jail. Lou Blanas was Sheriff at the time. He refused to address the problems, or meet with any community organizations about them. Fortunately, he was on his way out, and John McGinnis was on his way in. Under McGinnis the JRC pushed for an audit of the jails.The audit happened and the Board of Supervisors installed an Inspector General as oversite instead of the Community board that was asked for. However, the person hired for the Inspector General, Lee Dean, really took his job to heart, and established good relations with the community, especially the JRC, which by then was in the lead dealing with the problems at the Jails. He had oversite of the whole SSD. The two reports he wrote were honest and fair, but especially criticle of the SSD's handling of the jails, and failure to meet the guidelines established in the audit. The IG's term, like McGinnis was short. Enter Scott Jones and his new administration. He came into the office talking about more transparency and a "new" Sheriff's Department. The JRC met with Scott and the new Admin and were able to set ground work during those negotiations, to follow up on some key audit guidelines and changes to their operation of the jails, opening the way for the entrance of the Prison Law Offices, and Disability Rights California to have those changes put into written agreements, which changed things for the better. But only for a while. Over the years things have digressed back to where they were when we first started our jail advocacy; and in some cases they are worse. Especially when it comes to medical services. So JRC will be addressing the situation again, and the JRC NEWS MEDIA will be there right along side, doing an indepth expose on the issues at the Main Jail, and how the Sac Sheriff's Department deals with them. For a more in depth look at the history of the JRC's advocacy with the SSD and the Main Jail check out the report, JRC, History of Advocacy at Sac Jails.


dshThe California Department of State Hospitals, (CA DSH), has been under JRC scrutiny for over a decade. The lack of oversite and the cavaleer attitude of the staff and administration towards the legal, civil, and medical rights of the patients has only gotten worse.The abuses, physical, mental, and emotinal, at these facilities, has become the norm, and basically go unchallenged, except for a few outside organization. The facilities have become little more than medical prisons, and patients are little more than funding sources for CA DHS. Once commited to these facilities, it takes years, and monumental outside efforts to extract people from that system, even after they've successfully gone through the DHS "rehab" process. (The abuse here almost rivals that of the DCFAS (CPS), which is another area JRC NEWS MEDIA, is focused on).

The JRC, along with several other civil rights organizations, is stepping up its investigation into the practices, proceedures, racism, retaliation, and other abuses at all the CA DSH facilities.


A new column by our Women's Affairs Chair and author, Suzanne Brooks. The idea is to start explaining the laws, re Fair Housing, Fair Employment, Fair Education, Fair Trials and others you suggest.

She will explain the various laws for common understanding and provide information on what agencies are responsible to enforce theses laws. She will search for data on the incidence of violations, including info on ethnic, gender, age, religion, gender orientation and any other information to help people understand the seriousness and extent of the discrimination. She then will look for data on diversity within enforcement agencies and in states. As we go on, she will include information on how to file complaints, where to seek legal help, and special mega complaint strategies like class action and compliance reviews. We encourage individuals and organizations to become informed with this information, to spread it widely and to encourage people to take actions, including submitting their information to the JRC to be counted in our data. The column is available in our REPORTS section.




May 11th, at the State Capitol in Sacramento, Califormia, is the day for the next major RALLY to expose abuses of CPS. Sponsored by JRC coalition member organization, California Families Rising, along with the JRC, Empact, and Poor Magazine. More info to come soon. The CPS anti-family machine chugs on, destroying families and the fabric of our Nation. We must take every opportunity to bring attention to this. Make our legislators hear the cries of the affected families and generations of damaged individuals left in the wake of the CPS to foster care human trafficking ring. So, we ask that you show up and support this, another opportunity to put the realities of this shameful system in the face of the legislature. Register at California Families Rising.



Here we've just mentioned a few areas where we will be investigating, and bringing you a true, fair, fact based look at the government and system related problems facing our communities. We want people to have a real look at why there is so much discord in our society. So, that maybe we can get people to take responsibility and demand there be "Equal Rights and Justice For All".

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Throughout history it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better,and the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph" Haile Selassie